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How to buy a number plate

How to buy a number plate via Number Plate Classifieds? It's very simple- Number Plate Classifieds isn't a number plate dealer - its number plate classifieds- so much in the same way you purchase a car privately- so too can you purchase number plates privately.

Find the plate you like

Using keyword searching and the other great features that Number Plate Classifieds has to offer; finding your ideal number plate is not as difficult as you may think.

And if you can't find what you're looking for? Place a wanted advert and reach thousands of daily visitors- let the seller come to you!

Place a wanted advert
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Contact the seller

Once you have found the plate you want- you can either call or email the seller directly as their details are displayed on the Number Plate Classifieds website.

If you'd prefer to not give your contact details to the seller just yet, you can email them directly via the Number Plate Classifieds website for added security.

Negotiate the price

With first contact made, you need to set your budget in your mind and decide the figure which you are willing to pay for the plate.

Remember that largely the number plate market is a buyers market. With so many millions of combinations available you can afford to pick and choose the best combination- no deal is a must do deal!

But you have to remember that time is a factor- and the combination(s) you seek may not be available for sale again in some time.

Strike this balance and offer the seller what you deem reasonable- but be prepared to negotiate.