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Keyword searching

With number plates having so many different meanings we have decided to offer you keyword searching (an industry first)

Using the example of an Audi number plate- A4 ABC - "A4" is a model of Audi - if you were to search for A4 then this plate would appear but what happens if you search for "Audi" - well now thanks to the unique way the Number Plate Classifieds database is designed - the number plate will appear.

What are keywords?

Keywords are associated words which you can "tag" your number plate advert with. A large amount of number plate searches conducted on the Number Plate Classifieds website are for words only- not number plate combinations.

If the word GREEN is searched for- G2EEN will not show up - but it will if it has been tagged with "GREEN" as a keyword.

How can keywords help sell your number plate?

Visibility - keywords help raise the visibility of your number plate and make sure it appears in relevant search results.

How to choose the right keywords?

What does your plate mean? What does it say? What does it represent? Once you know your target audience you can tag appropriate keywords to your advert.

A football number plate would have tags like "footie" or "striker" or "goalie" as anyone searching for these words would be interested in a football numberplate.

Standard adverts have one keyword- for more keywords and greater visibility Premier adverts are a great way to maximise exposure of your number plate.

... Just another innovation to help buyers and sellers find one another efficiently.