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What is number plate phonetics?

Numberplate phonetics is taking Autonumerology to another level. By using letters and numbers you can "spell" words - but what happens when the spelling of your desired word isn't available to buy?

Number plate phonetics is spelling phonetical variations of words - using autonumerology, (not as complicated as that sounds!)

For example- let's say you want to spell the name Hugo.

Hugo as a number plates simply wont work- so phonetics works well here- using 3 as E you can spell HEWGO or H3WGO - which is a phonetical spelling of HUGO,.

How does it work?

Using the autonumerology alphabet of interchangeable characters- one can create multiple and unique phonetic spellings which are likely to be available to buy and be reasonably priced.

Why is it different to autonumerology?

Number plate phonetics differs from autonumerology as it discards traditional spellings of words for their phonetic alternatives- this gives much more choice to anyone wishing to buy a number plate and it has a very similar result as buying a non phonetical number plate.

How can it help me?

As some of the best number plate combinations are either not available for sale, too expensive or simply not viable then numberplate phonetics helps to bring some choice to the proceedings.

By looking at phonetical spellings of words- it's safe to say a large number of combinations will be available and the asking prices far more reasonable- some great phonetic number plates are available to buy directly from the DVLA Registrations website for just £250.