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Advertising your number plate privately can save you a great deal of time and money. New Thinking was created to fill this need as at one time number plate dealers were your only choice. Click this link to find out a little more about why you should sell your number plate privately.

Save time

Signing up to place an advert with us has been deliberately kept as short as possible, we don't ask for your pet's maiden name or other unnecessary details. (We hate it too)

We understand you are here to place an advert as quickly and simply as possible and for that advert to reach as many people as possible.

Once you have entered your number plate and the price we simply need an email address and password to get you on our system, then you checkout with PayPal and that's it.

Of course you can add number plate keywords, categories and a picture if you wish, but the choice is yours.

And that's it.

Save money

Quite simply with Number Plate Classifieds you pay no commissions or other miscellaneous fees, you pay once to place an advert and nothing more. Ever.

Number Plate Classifieds vs. eBay

Although advertising with eBay is cheaper than advertising with us, you will need to pay to relist and some number plates can take months to sell - it can soon add up.

Also don't forget that our website visitors and number plate app users are solely interested in number plates, as eBay advertise everything they do get a lot of visitors but how many of those are relevant to number plates?

Number Plate Classifieds vs. Number Plate Dealers

Comparing us to eBay or the number plate dealers reveals just how much money you could save:

  Selling Price Advertising/listing price Commision/final value fee Money in your pocket
Number Plate Dealer* £600.00 £0.00 £150.00 £450.00
eBay** £600.00 £1.90 £60.00 £538.10
Number Plate Classifieds logo £600.00 £20.00 £00.00 £580.00

*calculated based on 25% commission - this will vary depending on the number plate dealer
**ebay fees are based on one insertion - if the plate needs to be relisted then there will be fees to pay each time in addition to a final value fee