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How do I sell my number plate?

Selling your number plate is as easy as selling a car or a motorbike. Once you have found a buyer you simply need to receive the funds and complete the number plate transfer.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Finding the buyer in the first place can be one of the biggest hurdles; it can take many months for a number plate to sell depending on the plate and the pool of potential buyers.

It can take many months to sell a numberplate as each plate has a unique appeal to each buyer.

There are so many places to advertise your number plate it can be confusing. A lot of number plate dealers claim to advertise your personalised plate for free – instead most make their money by loading a commission to the sale

How much is my plate worth?

Possibly the hardest part for most is actually putting a value on a numberplate. More of an art than a science the difference in private plates and their values can differ wildly.

It's worth spending time and doing your homework - research the marketplace and previous plates that have sold.

What is my number plate worth?

Advertising your number plate

Once you have gauged the value of the plate you will need to get out there and get noticed- there are many number plate dealers and a new breed of number plate classifieds websites such as this which can help get you exposure- but be warned that finding the right buyer at the right price can take time wherever you advertise.

Why sell number plates privately

Place a for sale advert

DVLA fees and a set of number plates

When negotiating the sale of your number plate it is wise to include any DVLA fees or a set of number plates in the deal (allowing for this in the price) so that the purchaser has nothing more to pay- this will help increase the attractiveness of your particular number plate combination.

DVLA fees

Transferring the plate

Transferring number plates is perceived as something of a complicated subject but the reality is very plain and simple. This website offers tips and advice on how to transfer and retain number plates and the DVLA provides such information as well as the ability to download the relevant forms and DVLA documents.

How to transfer my number plate?

Help & advice

Whether you are advertising your number plate with Number Plate Classifieds or not we have a team of specialists here who love to talk number plates and love to help- if you are unsure of anything or need any advice then drop us an email and we will gladly assist.

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